Overwintering of yachts

By observing a continuous increase in the number of sailors and motor watercraft users, and insufficient number of places for professional overwintering of yachts and preparation for the winter and summer season, we decided to meet these disadvantages.
We would like to offer you a fully comprehensive overwintering of yachts and motor boats in Gdańsk. We provide competitive prices. Based on our knowledge, we offer the services in the highest quality level, such as:

  • Overwintering of yachts, boats and jet skiis in an indoor storage facility,
  • Overwintering of yachts, boats and jet skiis in the boatyard,
  • Comprehensive preparation of the yacht, motor boat and jet-ski for the winter,
  • Accurate cleaning of the underwater part of the boat and motor boats with “Zet” marine transmission,
  • Comprehensive preparation of the yacht or motor boat for the summer season,
  • Repair of hull damage,
  • Removal of the corrosion centres and replacement of zinc anodes,
  • Rental of a jig,
  • Pulling out and launching of watercraft by crane or slipway